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As a qualified stonemason I began experimenting with my own ideas in my spare time and at weekends. It has now developed into a dynamic craft where each piece is unique, creating a diverse portfolio of work.

Throughout my work I am conscious that the relationship between ancient materials and modern craftsmanship produces something timeless and remarkable. The process is not merely the means to create, but moreover it is fundamental to the integrity of each piece I want to honour carefully selected materials and it is important to me that every piece is meticulously finished by hand, using mallets and chisels.

I am passionate about sourcing the materials myself. This ensures I am aware of its origins, whether from a particular field, waters or woodland. I need to understand where they have come from, the landscape within which they have been formed, in order to establish and realise what they can become. Wherever possible, I work to use reclaimed stone as I believe it is important to respect our environment and produce sustainable work that breathers new life into what has been lost or discarded.

Please feel free to contact me with enquiries via my contact page.