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Wedding stones

Stone has been established as a medium for permanence since prehistory. Whether in terms of monuments such as Stonehenge or through cave painting, stone has been used to capture the importance of events and rituals for future generations.

There are certain moments in people’s lives that draw people together and stone has the power to communicate not only the importance of these special moments, but also to capture a sense of strength and permanence. Images can fade and data can be lost, but stone is enduring.

The medium and the purpose of these wedding stones combined create something that is both profound and beautiful. What better way to remember the love and commitment that comes with that special day.

The work can be used in so many ways.  As a simple or elegant sculpture, as an innovative way of recording the comments of wedding guests as opposed to simply using a formal guestbook that is so often shelved and forgotten.

By working directly with clients I create something that is both personal and truly individual. The calligraphy from the wedding invite or one of my own designs is carved into a limestone base. All my work is finished by hand, so each and every piece is truly unique.

Please see some examples of previous commissions below.